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Like, say the audience hates a character, one of your main characters or something. That’s a bad thing. No one in the audience should be cheering when one of your main characters dies. That’s not a good thing. That doesn’t symbolize a success in my mind.

Scott Gimple (TWD Darker Season 4 - comicbookresources) x

He writes one of the MOST successful shows on television right now. They manage to pull in 16 million viewers LIVE. Can we all agree that maybe he knows what he’s talking about? But how many fans would cheer if Hayley or Cami was killed off TO? What percentage? Over half? I think so. 

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Anonymous asked:

So this is weird coming from someone who doesn't even WATCH TO, but here are the facts. Tumblr is a feminist community in general. I have seen them defend female characters that are considered hated and unpopular, and I've seen them justify actions. But when it comes to Haley? All I see is hate. I keep thinking to myself, ''it can't be just about Klaroline. If no one can stand her, this character must really SUCK.)


Caution. If you are remotely a Hayley fan you might want to skip this.


It is not about Klaroline no. I am not going to tell you that there are not Klaroline fans that despised her due to the ship because there is a certain number that indeed came to hate Hayley because of the ship. But if you check the whole fanbase and the critics and the reviews and opinions in general you will see that this character is rejected by the majority of the fans no matter what their ships or favorite characters are.

Putting ships and shipping aside. You have a character that was introduced in a bad way to the audience. A character that long before it interacted with any member of any ship in a more intimate manner created a negative aura in general. A character with no certain traits or personality (just some snarky one liner so it will gain the teen approval of being “cool”). A character that changed personalities like it suffered from a multiple personality disorder. A character that was not introduced as a villain but acted as one and then tried to sugarcoat that behavior (which in my eyes it is a vile thing to do gender aside and this is coming from someone that A. adores good villains and B. Likes strong women figures… but Hayley belongs to none of the above.) which then turned her into what? A despicable character. I adored Katherine in TVD. I really liked Elena in season 1. I very much liked Caroline. I really really liked Rebekah. I was good with Bonnie. I enjoyed the role of Anna’s mother and Anna’s agenda. I was a Jenna fan. I was an Esther fan too. I praised Bonnie’s grandmother! I really enjoyed Lexi’s character. It is not a matter of turning against a certain gender. I also liked Klaus the best so it is not a matter of not liking villains either.

It is a matter of bad writing and awful characterization combined with the most terrible acting I have ever encountered in a show (and I have seen a looot of shows). And keep in mind that people despised Hayley ever since 4x09 and even before that (I was disgusted with her by then) and if she was never to have returned after that Christmas episode no one would even remember her again or mention her again because aside from the negative impression she left behind she made absolutely no impact whatsoever to the audience.

Then in 4x16 she comes back and we see an OOC Klaus and I am not referring for the sex scene. Klaus according to his character would have killed anyone else in Hayley’s place from second one or first tortured them and then killed them for their part in the Hybrid fiasco but the writers decided to force OOC reactions in order to turn the plots and the characters in the ooc way it would suit their purposes for the mess of a show they were creating which HAD to have Hayley as the lead.

And then the backdoor pilots airs and suddenly that rejected by everyone character (funny thing how the audience does come with intelligence sometimes…it cannot be avoided) gets a complete character makeover. The homeless drifter that is basically a misunderstood orphan and has no place to even stay and sleep drives expensive cars and wears expensive clothes. She makes no sense but that doesn’t matter. She will become an Original because this is how it has to be. Why? No reason. How? By ooc and plot holes. By destroying logic and characters and plots and potential.

She then turns into the trope of tropes. She becomes the mother. She becomes the one that cannot be touched. Her past is erased. Her actions and sins absolved. She is the special snowflake now. She as a woman has only one worth and one alone. Her womb. Period. She literally is a walking talking broodmare. She is the there to promote a man’s redemption via a fetus that exists inside her so she is special. She is there to sooth a man’s pain. To show him the way of light with her uterus. She is to become a mother, a saint, a love interest, a femme fatale, the sex symbol, the innocence incarnated, a princess, a royalty. She has rights from birth. Everything she was is excused. Everything she is and says and does is the law. She is there to rise and be placed into a pedestal. The perpetual victim, the damsel in distress and yet still the badass queen. She is not asked if she wants the baby, she is there as an incubator that has to be protected by them all and in the mean time through that ordeal her special character- that will endure all the tests and difficulties a messiah has to endure- will shine. She is not a human being she is above that. She is not a strong or a weak or a powerful or a meek person…she is the golden combination of everything… she is an idol. She is a trope. Her thoughts are not of importance. Her history will be rewritten. Her character traits are going to change until people will have to come to terms with one reality. She is the hero even if she has to be the antihero or the renegate sometimes. She is the tragic figure. The perfect mother that will suffer for her child. The lover that will suffer for her love. The love object everyone craves. The perfect mirror for as to see the perfect reflection of what the ideal woman is (always in a man’s world). She is the only one. She will be immortalized. She is the center of attention. She will be saved because her existence is the ultimate savior of everything because she can redeem every story, every plot, every character just by existing and just because of her body parts and her value as an example for us all. Everything concerning her will be sugarcoated. Everything will be romanticized. All that are facts that the audience has to accept. They will force you to like her. If you don’t it doesn’t matter you will still have to like her.

Now all that don’t seem to me like the light of feminism tbh lol. In fact they do come out as the exact opposite and in my personal opinion quite offensive and keep in mind that EVERYTHING was obvious from the backdoor pilot. It is no wonder that a site fueled by a majority of people that root for feminism is rejecting this character. It is because that character is the exact opposite from what this certain community stands for. Hayley is a prominent example of a misogynistic writing and of the way many tv female tropes are working their way into teenage girl minds and creating false images of what women are, or how they should be and act, of how relationships work, of what means to be a person and to be defied by your sex or your procreation abilities, of how to interact into society and how to exist into a man’s world. A dangerous message. And unfortunately the head writer of that show and character is a woman.

In conclusion. Yes that character really sucks. (Maybe I should have just wrote that from the beginning and be done with it lol)






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